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Hamilton Buhl

VR Quest® Virtual Reality Game-Building Platform – Individual Use License Key

VR Quest® Virtual Reality Game-Building Platform – Individual Use License Key

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VR Quest® Is The Ground-Breaking, Fully-Immersive, Virtual Reality Game-Building Platform where students build from imagination and re-create historic places, characters, environments and events, connecting a world of the past with the present, while developing present day skills and competencies.

The VR Quest® Educational Platform comes preloaded with an enormous selection of lesson-focused game templates, which students can choose to use for their project, or, create their own experience from scratch. Students can have a multitude of experiences from the past – in the present. VR Quest® meets STEAM curriculum outcomes with 36 aligned curriculum units for 4th through 12th grade in Science, Math, Social Studies, and English. This content is perfect for students in regular day school, afterschool classes and technology-based summer camp programs.

Free In-Depth Lesson Plans bring even more to VR Quest®. “Electricity and Magnetism” are subjects covered in the 6th grade science lesson plan, for example. As understanding of each subject grows, so does the game each student builds, incorporating their new knowledge into VR Quest®. And, each game created becomes a different adventure in learning!

Students Step Right Into Their Own Game World, making adjustments and additions. Once published, they can share their game for all to play on their computers. Or, turn on VR mode, put on the VR goggles, and step into the world they’ve created, alone or in multi-player mode, with up to 8 others, anywhere in the world! (VR mode requires access to VR Quest and VR goggles).

This Plug-and-Play, Game-Building Platform Features:

An Educational Platform that teaches 2D and 3D game design and immersive VR technology.

Easy To Use building tools to create any landscape, earthly or otherwise: mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, oceans, valleys, and more.

Iconic, influential and historically-significant characters.

Endless Selection of building elements and entitities: vegetation, crops, objects, and interesting characters.

Enormous Selection of environmental effects; layer-on seasons, change day to night, add weather activity, and more!

Multitudes Of Trigger Points for sound effects and entity actions.

Free, Standards-Aligned Lesson Plans for grades 4-12, with loads of examples, tips and techniques. Each lesson plan delivers unique cross-curricular learning objectives interweaving myriad of disciplines and core subjects. From 4th grade “Multiplication” to 7th grade “Math Proportional Relationships” to 11th grade “Algebra II”, these plans cover the gamut, across the grade levels, giving educators a complete path to better outcomes.

Non-Violent, closed ecosystem to ensure all content produced is school-appropriate.

There Is NO LIMIT to the depth or size of each game! And, NO LIMIT to learning! 


A Huge Asset to Any School, Classroom, Student – for Remote Learning, Too!

Inspires students to learn about the past while developing present day skills and competencies.

Enrich student lives by offering computer instruction in VR game design, while teaching standards-based lessons.

Engaging And Fun, promotes increased student involvement and participation while teaching timely and historic events.

Develops critical-thinking and creative self-expression.

Generates “out of box” thinking and new ways to enhance their game, even when class is over.

Enhances student cooperation and communication – as they build together and share their new ideas and game strategies with each other!


Minimum Hardware Requirements: PC or laptop with Windows 10 with all updates, Intel Core i5 4590 (4th generation), quad core or better, 8GB of RAM, 20GB of free disk space and Bluetooth 4.0.  VR Mode compatible with PICO GS 2 and Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

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