About Us

ARVRedtech.com is an education company focused on new innovations in education with technology. Virtual Reality in education and Augmented Reality in education. We curate an ever-growing line of education-focused products that are specifically geared toward the classroom and beyond.

Educational institutions around the world are adapting and applying new innovative technology focused on interactive learning with mixed reality. The number of new learning technology companies and app developers is growing exponentially.

Our goal is to find innovative companies, technology solutions, app developers, and tool creators that are leveraging virtual reality, augmented reality, and STEAM. We want to help create a richer interactive experience to explore new interactive learning experiences.

On this journey, there are many opportunities for us to learn and grow together with teachers, academics, parents, and anyone who shares our vision for providing valuable resources that help to support for teachers and educators.

We are always on the lookout for new innovative, game developers, and product experts who are experienced in working with schools, businesses, and researchers to solve real-world challenges. There are endless opportunities for growth in learning.

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