About Us

ARVRedtech.com is a leading education technology company with a passion for delivering the latest news, products, hardware, and applications designed for augmented reality in education and virtual reality in education.

ARVRedtech.com has a dedicated focus to the academic sector in 2019 and is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest just south of Seattle, Washington. 

As education and the ability to deliver innovative experiences grow, the possibilities are endless, and students have the opportunity to learn and participate in more immersive, engaging lessons, and curriculum.

Our Vision 

We are passionate about finding and delivering news, developments, announcements, and information about virtual reality and augmented reality in education. We help uncover new and innovative solutions that specifically address classroom challenges with academic-focused apps, platforms, devices, products, and services created for students and educators.

Our primary goals are:

  • Useful and engaging learning environments
  • Unique and memorable personal learning experiences

With these goals in mind, we can discover, share, distribute news, products, services, and solutions we believe will benefit students and educators in groundbreaking ways. Our passion for enhancing learning experiences drives our team every day!