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  • Getting started with VR in the classroom

    Education is sitting on the cusp of a ‘Virtual Revolution’ and the next twenty years will see a radical change in the way that we educate our students. This is a good thing and when harnessed correctly VR offers some truly amazing educational opportunities. Here is a guide to how you can begin to implement […]

  • 10 Fun and Educational VR Apps For Android

    Each of these VR apps for Android will help anyone with various learning processes or concepts. Check out these programs to see what makes them outstanding and valuable for many desires students may have when learning new things.
  • Virtual Reality Math Apps

    Mathematics is often a complicated and abstract subject, which some students can find particularly difficult to grasp. Many potentially talented mathematicians can be left by the wayside, because of the educational, mathematical paradigm that we live in. Einstein, for instance, was famously described as a poor mathematician by his high school math teacher. Obviously no […]

  • What is the Impact of Mixed Reality on Teaching?

    As a teacher, you've probably wondered: What is the impact of mixed reality on teaching? It's a fascinating technology that makes learning more int...
  • 9 Free iPhone VR Educational Apps

    Virtual Reality is fast becoming the new normal within education circles and there is a wealth of amazing new apps out there for progressive teachers to integrate into the classroom. Here is a run-down of 9 educational VR apps that are free on iPhone: Discovery VR The discovery channel has veritable trove of wonderful content, […]

  • AR could help students discover STEM

    What is STEM? STEM is an evolving platform to which a curriculum is based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This new method of learning makes the approach applicable in real life and is more complex than some of the standard or traditional learning programs. STEM integrates all four subjects and makes it one complete […]

  • VR For Kids and Educational Games

    VR has opened up an entirely new world of storytelling for kids. Imagine being transported to the world of an ancient Irish princess and her frien...
  • Transform a Classroom with AR

    Does it seem too futuristic to use augmented reality in classrooms? How will you know if it will it be effective? These questions are now being answered and addressed and the initial results are positive. So how can a teacher transform a typical classroom through augmented reality? Imagination is the limit.

  • Metaverse Opportunities for Education

    While the world of the metaverse has many potential uses, it also raises a number of ethical and developmental questions. For example, the use of ...
  • Types of Augmented Reality for Schools

    The first step in creating an AR experience is to recognize the physical world. To do this, AR technologies typically use GPS to locate the user's ...
  • 15 Virtual Reality Apps for Education

    Have you ever wondered how to use virtual reality in education? Many people still see virtual reality as pure entertainment and for the most part, people do not think of VR as a necessity in the classroom but the benefits are growing. While it may not be essential now, it is quickly becoming more useful.

  • What Are 3 Types of Virtual Reality? - Virtual Reality on Education

    Virtual reality can come in many different forms. There are three main types: a non-immersive virtual environment, an immersive virtual environment...