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Hamilton Buhl

Scout™ Prepared Specimen Slides

Scout™ Prepared Specimen Slides

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The HamiltonBuhl® Scout™ Prepared Specimen Slides (SLD24) consist of 6 unique slides with 4 specimen stains on each slide that are premium quality, hand-prepared, under optical glass, ready-to-view specimens such as roots and stems, leaves and epidermis, pollen and starch, wings and legs, hair and fibers and a microscopic creature. Each slide is captioned with their identification.

These slides are ideal for use with the Scout Microscope™ and the Scout Pro Digital Microscope™, both from HamiltonBuhl®, or with any other microscope using a slide. These slides are ideal for adding to any school's STEAM line-up.

Six slides includes, one each of:

  • Root and Stem
  • Leaf and Epidermis
  • Pollen and Starch
  • Wing and Leg
  • Tiny Creature
  • Hair and Fiber
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