Virtual Reality Math Apps

Virtual Reality Math Apps

Mathematics is often a complicated and abstract subject, which some students can find particularly difficult to grasp. Many potentially talented mathematicians can be left by the wayside, because of the educational, mathematical paradigm that we live in. Einstein, for instance, was famously described as a poor mathematician by his high school math teacher. Obviously no teachers want any student to be left behind: so anything that makes math less abstract, is a godsend for the heroic teachers that seek to shed light on this tricky subject. Virtual Reality has precisely this potential, offering something to every math student: from the unrealized talents to the students who just don’t get it, VR can help to take math out of the darkness and into the light. This revolution has only just begun, and the future holds many amazing games and applications to help you deliver mathematical knowledge. But there are already a large number of apps out there, which will radically alter the way that you deliver your math lessons.

Math Learning VR
Math Learning VR is an intelligent VR app, specifically designed to engage younger children in mathematics. Its combination of 360 degree visuals, amazing sound and colorful VR animations, make it an ideal way to motivate younger students, who may find traditional math lessons slightly dry. It is particularly useful, for the basics, laying a strong foundation in crucial skills such as: addition, subtraction and multiplication, offering 3 levels and an infinite set of questions in each. Math Learning VR definitely won’t act as a standalone replacement for traditional math lessons and is only useful when used in conjunction, with more normal classroom learning. However, it is without question and amazing change of pace app, that all teachers should consider adding to their arsenal. Furthermore it is completely free to download, making it a no-brainer for anyone who has the equipment and desire to introduce Virtual Reality into their lessons.

Times Tables VR
Times Tables VR is another amazing app that helps young children to hone their mathematical skills. It too attempts to make learning math more interesting by placing it within a fun and engaging virtual environment that is certainly a long way from the ‘mathematical status quo’. In the game itself students will use their eyes to answer multiplication problems, using a laser to pop balloons containing the correct answers. It covers times tables 1-12 and speeds up as the students’ progress through the game, meaning that it will naturally become more difficult. Times Tables VR is not a replacement for traditional teaching and should not be viewed that way; however, it does play the crucial trick of persuading your students that they are playing a game rather than learning.

Google Blocks
Google Blocks, isn’t specifically aimed at the educational or mathematical market, however, it still serves a purpose for both. What it does, is to allow your students to manipulate and create an almost unlimited number of geometric three dimensional shapes. This is of course incredibly important within mathematics, as it will allow you to endow your students with a new understanding of complex shapes and structures. The uses for such a tool are pretty much limitless and all creative teachers, seeking to provide their students with something slightly different should investigate it further. You will also be genuinely surprised by just how amazing the shapes they can create are, so I would really recommend taking a look.

VR Math (coming soon)
VR Math hasn’t actually been released yet, but it is in the final stages of development and should hit the market at some point this year. However, it looks like it will be an amazing tool for math teachers: allowing them to give their students a better understanding of geometry, vectors and graphs via virtual reality. It will have a feature that allows you to create your own virtual classroom, where you can use virtual space to explain things to your students. Plus, it is seeking to really simplify complicated and abstract parts of the curriculum, which means that you should keep an eye out for this incredible app.

We are on the cusp of a virtual revolution in education and amazing new apps are coming out all the time, by this time next year all the things on this list will be the very tip of a rather large iceberg. So get ahead of the game and start incorporating virtual reality into your lessons, because soon everyone will be doing it! Thank you for reading if you like this article, please share it on your favorite social media channel and visit again soon. If you have a VR math app that we should consider adding, please get in touch with us or leave a comment below.


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