Virtual Reality Apps for Learning on Android and IOS

Virtual Reality Apps for Learning on Android and IOS

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more present in modern times. With the constant improvement of technology, VR will soon be a part of our daily lives. VR is becoming increasingly popular in the education segment. The school system is slowly starting to move away from traditional books and desks. Technology has opened up more opportunities with the increasing amount of online courses and other educational resources.

Virtual reality opens new doors for learning. It gives us the ability to immerse ourselves in a different world. Instead of learning out of books, education can become just as engaging as games. There are already exciting concepts being brought to life. Below is a list of a few of the best apps.

Best Educational Virtual Reality Apps:

  1. Google Expeditions

This app is compatible with both IOS and Android. You can learn all about different places around the world by taking a trip to one of the 200 places on offer. This gives you the chance to explore new places from the comfort of your own home

  1. Discovery VR

Live through the adventures that you see on Discovery shows. Go skydiving or dive into the depths of the ocean. Choose to have an experience of a lifetime in a front like MythBusters or Deadliest Catch. Compatible on both Android and IOS.

  1. In Mind VR

Use your Android or IOS to dive inside the brain. This app allows you to shrink and physically travel through the mind. You will get the opportunity to see first-hand what a mental disorder may look like.

  1. Mars is a Real Place

Learn about the red planet while standing on it. This VR app lets you travel through over 50 3D photos. Available on Android.

  1. Sites in 3D

Study the world’s most well-known landmarks. Explore ancient tombs, palaces, or stand at the top of the Eiffel tower. Download this on Android or IOS for an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Titans of Space

On Android, you can use this app to get an in-depth experience of space. Receive a guided tour through our solar system. Everything is sized to give the user a good idea of the real-life distances.

  1. InCell VR

Walk into a world of action and bioscience. InCell lets you learn about a human cell while being inside of one. Available on IOS and Android.

  1. Cleanopolis

This interactive game will teach students about greenhouse gases while on a mission to fight climate change. This app combines fun with a valuable education lesson, great for any science classroom.

While these apps are highly educational, other apps assist you with learning from another angle.

Virtual Reality apps that take learning to another level

  1. Google Translate

This is a well-known app that has been around for quite a while to assist people with languages. Virtual reality has made this handy app even more useful than ever before. VR introduced a feature that allows you to aim your camera at another student and watch the translation happen in real-time. This app is great for language students.

  1. Public Speaking VR

Enhance your public speaking skills through this VR experience. It offers realistic environments that can assist you in preparing for presentations or even job interviews.

  1. Quiver

This an app that younger students will likely enjoy. VR technology has made it possible to turn 2D images into 3D. The student gets to see their creations come to life right before their eyes.

  1. Earth AR

Take geography lessons to a new height. Explore new angles of the globe through VR. The zooming and motion detection features will enhance the interaction in your lessons.

  1. Anatomy 4D

Take a more in-depth look into the human body by watching images come to life. Clear photos are provided in this VR to give you an idea of what happens in the human body. Biology students can benefit from this app. It is also very enlightening to people who are curious about the human anatomy.

  1. King Tut VR

Experience history first hand with this VR app. Walkthrough ancient tombs and learn about the Egyptian king. Discover secret tombs decorated with hieroglyphics and treasure.

  1. Flashcards- Animal Alphabet

This is another app created with the children in mind. Forget about old paper flashcards and let your child immerse themselves in a colorful world of words. Students will learn new words while watching their animal friends come to life.

  1. Imag-N-O-Tron

Better than a book, better than an E-book. This virtual reality app brings the stories to life. You can improve your reading skills and stay engaged. This educational experience is suitable for students of any age.

  1. EON Experience

Access a collection of virtual reality content to make lessons more engaging. It provides lessons on most subjects, from physics to geography. Use preloaded content to create courses to suit your needs.


Virtual reality apps create an engaging environment for students to immerse themselves in. This new educational experience could be extremely beneficial to students. It offers features that will assist auditory and visual learners. Now students can read, travel, explore the body or dissect a frog, all from the comfort of their homes or classrooms. On top of this, teachers are allowed to use VR to supplement their lessons. Using VR will ensure that there will never be a dull lesson.

The best apps make learning fun. They mix educational content with pleasure and exciting content to keep students engaged. Is this technology the new future for learning? As virtual reality is becoming more popular for education, companies aim to make cheaper VR headsets so that they are more accessible. The only other device you need is a cell phone. VR is something you should probably consider. It allows your child to visualize the information, which takes a new angle to relay educational content.


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