Transform a Classroom with AR

Transform a Classroom with AR

Does it seem too futuristic to use augmented reality in classrooms? How will you know if it will it be effective? These questions are now being answered and addressed and the initial results are positive.
So how can a teacher transform a typical classroom through augmented reality?

Imagination is the limit and for some your imagination has no limits!

There have been some amazing ways that teachers have already begun to transform their classroom. I have seen everything from turning a classroom into a Harry Potter theme and even a Pirates of the Caribbean theme! There are a number of different apps that have emerged and can be personalized to create a fun, interesting and unique learning experience that students will enjoy. As technology continues to evolve and apps continue to improve, the more immersive and engaging they become.

Here is a list to get you started with augmented reality education apps that will help every educator (and parent) who wants to implement AR learning as a part of their curriculum:

  • Aurasma

    Aurasma is a very interactive app that everyone can use and personalize. This app makes interactive learning fun and takes education to the next level. Customizable and really easy to use, Aurasma is a suggested stepping stone type of an app for everyone to learn how to utilize AR as an educational aid. You will find this app really useful as you can create your own lessons with it.

  • Chromville

    Chromville is a visual app that is science-based that is recommended for educators to use in the classroom that uses a story-telling technique. The AR technology used in this program is very entertaining and it is a good introduction to AR education.

  • Star Augmented Reality Worksheets

    Star Augmented Reality Worksheets is a different genre compared to Aurasma and Chromville. This interactive worksheet actually comes to life! For the figures to transpose 3D models is out of this world! Imagine mathematics in the virtual world?! How cool is that?

  • AR Art

    AR Art is an app that is just a download away! Get those pictures moving like in Harry Potter!
    Make use of these apps to help you transform your class into an AR-ready experience!

There is so much that we can do with AR, to make it fun we can take it easy and start with some basic apps to use for the initial introduction and implementation. Then as comfort level with the students and instructors, there is a perfect opportunity to move to more advanced apps that promote the topic you are focused on, like: science, geography, math or technology. Now it is getting even easier to find apps that are ready-made for education and help students take their learning to the next level in the classroom.

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