9 Free iPhone VR Educational Apps

9 Free iPhone VR Educational Apps

Virtual Reality is fast becoming the new normal within education circles and there is a wealth of amazing new apps out there for progressive teachers to integrate into the classroom. Here is a run-down of 9 educational VR apps that are free on iPhone:

Discovery VR

The discovery channel has veritable trove of wonderful content, which they have now made available for free in VR. The app allows you to immerse your students in an amazing 360-degree world of acclaimed television series such as Mythbusters and Shark Week. It is a great way to change the pace of your lessons and allow your students to actively explore features of the natural world.


In-Mind combines arcade game play, virtual reality and the human brain, to create an educational experience, which may really arouse your student’s passion for the mind. The premise of the game is that the player journeys into the human brain, to search for misfiring neurons that cause certain mental disorders. During this journey they will learn more about how the brain functions and its various features such as neurons and synapses. It definitely won’t provide canonical truths about the brain, however, it will lay a structural groundwork for you to embellish upon and is an excellent addition to your teaching arsenal.

Star Chart

Star Chart is a nifty little app, which allows your students to explore all the amazing features of the night sky. They simply direct their smartphone in the direction of the constellation that they are looking at, and then the app will identify it, and provide interesting facts about that constellation. It is the perfect way for you to set some interesting and different homework, which may engender a lifelong love of star gazing in your students.


Thinglink is a collection of interactive images and videos across a wide range of subjects, including science, language and the arts. The app shows students images of different places, which they can then explore, as the students look around they will see additional links, which will then unlock further information. Thinglink is mainly directed at elementary students and is brilliant because it teaches them to actively seek out knowledge.

Virtual Speech – Public Speaking VR

It is crucial that we develop public speaking skills in our students from an early age, as it is becoming more and more important in the modern world. Public Speaking VR is the perfect way for you to help your students practice these crucial skills in a non-threatening environment, where they don’t run the risk of having their confidence knocked. It offers a range of practical tips and immersive techniques, which will help you to develop this crucial skill in your students from an early age.

VR Showcase

VR Showcase allows you to take your class on the ultimate school trip: exploring some of the world’s most amazing destinations from the safety and comfort of the classroom. It gives you access to things that you would never normally see: exotic places like Machu Pichu, historical cities like London or Rome and even Universities like Yale and Harvard. VR Showcase is a brilliant way to inspire your students, offering them the chance to see amazing places, up close and personal. It will take them off the page and make the come to life!


Quiver is a brilliant way to make young children more familiar with VR, undoubtedly crucial to their future educational and career prospects, whilst also stimulating their creative juices. It is essentially a virtual coloring book, which allows them to color in a set of stock images, or create their own custom ones. Each image comes to life when colored in correctly, giving them a well-earned reward and a sense of achievement.

Earth AR

Earth AR is an amazing geography aid: allowing your students to explore the planet in all its amazing glory. The earth is fully rotatable and will give your student’s an amazing new perspective on the planet that we all inhabit.


Anatomyou, is an amazing way to teach your student’s about the human anatomy: offering them the chance to explore all the features and facets of our bodies. It will definitely give them a new perspective on what can often appear to be quite obscure and abstract concepts. You can journey through all the important systems inside our bodies, including digestive and respiratory to name but a few. Anatomyou is unquestionably a great addition to any biology, sports or health education classroom.


There are loads more incredible Virtual Reality apps out there and new ones are added every day, so get out there and start searching. The future of education is here and we are covering all of the latest news, information, apps and companies in the VR and AR space in education. Be sure to bookmark us and share this article on your favorite social media channel! Thanks for reading VRedtech.com!

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