15 Virtual Reality Apps for Education

15 Virtual Reality Apps for Education

Have you ever wondered how to use virtual reality in education? Many people still see virtual reality as pure entertainment and for the most part, people do not think of VR as a necessity in the classroom but the benefits are growing. While it may not be essential now, it is quickly becoming more useful to the general public and much more than just a mere entertainment platform. It is now starting to uncover opportunities that have potential to pave the way to becoming a vital method of teaching through virtual education.

We put together what we feel is a valuable list of 15 VR Apps for Education that are designed for learning. These virtual education apps are entertaining have similar traits that drive engagement just like traditional virtual reality games do today.


These programs will take you to new places and explore

1. Boulevard – doesn’t require airplane tickets and hotel accommodations to tour the world’s top museums! Visit six (6) museums and learn about them as if you are actually on location!
2. Unimersiv – is for those who are into the mysteries of this world. Go and see the Titanic, visit ancient Greece or get yourself immersed in Egyptian mysteries!
3. Earth AR – is Google Earth in virtual reality! Feel like you are actually superman floating on outer space using your super eyes to look at earth and zoom in on places you want to see – cool, right?
4. Star Chart – is like your eyes easily spotting constellations with the use of your phone. Aiming your phone up to the sky at night will make this program identify the constellations. Added features about space and planets are also really informative.
5. Titans of Space – Just like Star Chart but a bit more like a guided tour of the space, this app will take you on a breathtaking space travel.
6. Apollo 11 VR – If you are really fascinated by space, then add this to the first two (2) outer space tour apps! Space expedition is not far from reality with this app. Get in on a space expedition with this virtual education app that will surely fascinate you.
7. Discovery VR – is Discovery Channel at its finest! Who doesn’t love Discovery Channel? Take yourself in the virtual world where you can actually immerse yourself in our own world as if you are there! What better way to go on a field trip!


The following apps are useful aids in learning and are created for educational purposes:
8. Flashcards – Animal Alphabet is a very simple yet fun way of learning for younger students. This will make teaching kids much easier.
9. Whoo’s Reading is also a tool to encourage students to read. It is like a game where reading is a
10. Google Translate is a little bit fun than the traditional web-based one. With just the camera feature “reading” the text, it could translate it to as much as 30 languages! Cool, right?
11. Neo K12 FlowChart Games is a bit like flashcards that is transformed into a flowchart where it evolves into a mini-activity like fill in the missing card. There are various of topics that are really informative and it makes lessons a lot easier, especially for visual learners.


Below are apps and programs for recreation and/or aids to help improve our social skills through games, activities and virtual experience we can apply in the real world:
12. Public Speaking VR – who is not scared of public speaking? Well, this app will surely make practicing a lot more fun and it encourages self-confidence!
13.Tiltbrush – is painting without a mess! It is a world of colors set in 3D! Now, how much cooler can painting get, huh?
14. Edmodo – is a collaborative app for educators and learners. Set on the original Edmodo web-based program, but with lesser hassle, users can interact in groups and share ideas in virtual mode.
15. Google Docs – is somewhat puzzling for a lot of people who will hear of it. Google Docs in VR?! Yeah, that is right! Google Suite makes it possible for users to interact and collaborate.

Using these apps can potentially help to create a valuable foundation and experience that students can leverage using newer and more advanced VR Apps moving forward and in the future. The quicker you can familiarize students with this virtual reality learning opportunity, the sooner they will be able to gain an understanding on how virtual reality works and be prepared for the technical advances our world is taking.


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