10 Fun and Educational VR Apps For Android

10 Fun and Educational VR Apps For Android

Virtual Reality in education is an ever-expanding industry and provides some unique and fun opportunities to learn using this technology. You can use various fun VR apps on an Android mobile device. Some of the best VR apps are made with educational intentions in mind. Here are ten popular  apps worth checking out with each of these apps targeting different parts of the learning world that are put together by the VRedtech team.

1. CoSpaces

CoSpace is the first of the apps we suggest you take a look at and potentially try out. CoSpaces lets students create dynamic virtual worlds that feature an extended variety of layouts. Unique three-dimensional items can be added into the CoSpaces program. Students can use this to learn about designing items and how spacing and math works.

2. In Mind VR

In Mind is a game where students can learn about how the human brain works. By moving around the game, a person can notice many functions within the brain and how it evolves. This is popular for science, but it can also be useful for students looking to learn about how different parts of the brain operate and what makes them different from one another. The game also shows how functions in one area of the brain will immediately determine what might happen in another part of the brain.

3. TiltBrush

The fun of creating one’s own works of art comes alive on the TiltBrush VR app. TiltBrush is a full scale app that lets students create works of art on a virtual canvas. The app works well with a hand control feature that links to the program and allows the user to generate work through a virtual paintbrush or other special utensil.

4. Titans of Space

Titans of Space lets students learn about the solar system and various bodies in space. The app uses perspective and three-dimensional world building to illustrate planets and other items in space. Students can look all around the app to see how the universe is built.

5. Anatomyou

The many vital organs of one’s body are highlighted throughout Anatomyou. The app lets students look through various organs and other parts of the human body. Three-dimensional illustrations of the circulatory system, the GI tract, various nose and throat-related systems, and many other features are highlighted well on this app.

6. Learn Languages VR

The immersive environment used within Learn Languages VR makes it a valuable for students learning to explore more about how any language works. Learn Language VR provides people with help for learning more than twenty languages through a dynamic layout using real life dialogue.

7. Sites in VR

Designed with history purposes in mind, Sites in VR lets people visit various historic sites in fully realized VR environments. Students can look around various ancient cities and tombs to explore these places and to learn more about what they mean and how valuable they are to society. The layout of the app gives students control over where they can go and what they might see.

8. Star Chart

Designed with an immersive layout similar to what Titans of Space has to offer, Star Chart focuses more on individual stars. The app allows the student to aim one’s view at the night sky and to find information on constellations and stars one might find based on where someone is. Details on planets and space discovery are included in this app as well.

9. Universiv

This is similar to Sites in VR, but this Android app concentrates more on historic events. Students can use Universiv to see what might be found in certain historic sites. The details found here allow students to see more about what made various events and moments in history critical.

10. Google Translate

Google Translate can work as a VR app for Android use thanks to how it integrates well with the camera feature on a device. A user can look at a person and record what that someone is saying. The app then reveals information on that person’s words in a certain language. This does well when students are looking to learn about how languages work and how they are laid out.

Each of these VR apps for Android will help anyone with various learning processes or concepts. Check out these programs to see what makes them outstanding and valuable for many desires students may have when learning new things. If you have an app that you would like to see featured, please contact us. Thank you for visiting VRedtech.com. If you like our content, please bookmark and share on your favorite social media platform. We have several exciting announcements and articles coming soon! 

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