Hector Fox Series - Augmented And Virtual Reality 3D Interactive Children's Book Series - Set Of 4

Hector Fox Illustrated 3D Augmented and Virtual Reality Interactive Children's Book Series - Set of 4

Reading used to be an exciting but passive experience, now Hector Fox Series of illustrated 3D interactive children's books with Augmented and Virtual Reality technology are transforming reading into a fully immersive and engaging learning experience.

Blending traditional with innovation, HamiltonBuhl introduces one-of-a-kind children's books that make illustrations pop off the pages setting the stage for a lifetime of reading fun. With AR and VR woven throughout the pages and InkMotion 3D technology with multilingual read-along capability, Hector Fox books create an all-immersive experience taking children beyond their imaginations!

With lovable original characters, beautiful illustrations and irresistible stories from award-winning authors and artists, children are invited into a world full of wonder and adventure. With FREE InkMotion App in hand, kids will dynamically experience our books in four different ways:

Kids can hear the stories narrated to them, and hear the voices of their favorite characters, in one of several widely spoken languages including English, Spanish, French and Arabic!

When POP™ appears in the top right corner of the InkMotion™ app viewer, augmented reality interactive content pops off the page and into the world around you.

When PEEK™ appears, augmented reality pages pull kids deeper into the page and let them watch the words they're reading visually come to life through animated vignettes.

When GO™ appears, pages take kids on a virtual reality journey into the books themselves, fully immersing them in the 3D environments they are reading about, and feeling like they are in the action!

The 4 books in Hector Fox Series are:

Hector Fox and the Giant Quest

"I wish fairy tales were real,” sighed little Lucy. And that was all it took for Hector and his band of merry friends to go in search of a real giant. There was a rumor that a new, enormous, shadowy stranger was living in the Forbidden Marsh beyond the forest . . . could it be a fairy-tale giant? With twists and turns and a capsized boat, the friends venture far from home and make a surprising discovery . . .
a giant discovery!


Hector Fox and the Raven's Revenge

"Our doom is upon us, the dreaded Raven’s Revenge. Please help . . .” This desperate, yet cryptic, plea from three strangers sends Hector and his brave friends through the woods to the Stone Tower and into an unexpected and perhaps sinister mystery. Flocks of circling black birds, secrets from the past, only clear thinking and cool logic will help the friends unravel this perplexing riddle.

Hector Fox and the Daring Flight

A boastful dare, a blustery day, and a flyaway invention...Mo's unquenchable passion for tinkering and scheming leads Hector and his friends into a wild airborne adventure which takes them over the treetops. But, as usual, Mo's scheme backfires. Frightened and stranded high above the ground, the friends must rely on timid Charlie if they ever want to make it home again...in one piece!

Hector Fox and the Map of Mystery!

“It's a treasure map,” gasped Hector to his friends. They had pulled an old bottle from the stream moments earlier, only to discover that it contained a map! With excited curiosity they begin to decipher it and follow the clues, only to realize that they are not the only treasure hunters on the trail. Tunnels must be explored and family secrets uncovered before this race is over!

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