Children Building Blocks 2 in 1 fun Space Marine Series,Educational STEM Learning Kits,Creative DIY Fun Toy Gifts (light blue)

We provide two example patterns for every set and it needs patience and carefulness to finish building the beginning,parents can join the game and help kids finish their artworks which is a good opportunity to enhance parent-children interaction,help kids obtain a sense of achievement and encourage kids to finish their artworks independently. 

The two example patterns are not the only way to combine the blocks,they are just one kind of reference.we provide materials to help kids attempt as many combination possibilities as possible which can develop their imagination, creativity and manipulative ability, Great fun for your kids. 

As an educational toy, It helps children interact with each other and develop cognitive thinking, spatial reasoning, creativity and motor skills. made of non-toxic materials, This product keeps children’s safety while enjoying fun. 

Parents play with children can make family playtime more fun!Don’t hesitate any more!Add all 6 sets to the cart and Let’s build one legend space marine! 

Warm Tip: 

This blocks set is not suitable for kids under 3 years old, Please be careful with the small parts in case swallow or other accidents.

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