Blackbear The Pirate Series - Augmented And Virtual Reality 3D Interactive Children's Book Series - Set Of 4

Blackbear The Pirate Illustrated 3D Augmented and Virtual Reality Interactive Children's Book Series - Set of 4

Reading used to be an exciting but passive experience, now Blackbear The Pirate Series of Illustrated 3D Interactive Children's Books with Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology are transforming reading into a fully immersive and engaging learning experience.

Blending traditional with innovation, HamiltonBuhl introduces one-of-a-kind children's books that make illustrations pop off the pages setting the stage for a lifetime of reading fun. With AR and VR woven htroughout the pages and InkMotion 3D technology with multilingual read-along capability, Blackbear The Pirate books create an all-immersive experience taking children beyond their imaginations!

With lovable original characters, beautiful illustrations and irresistible stories from award-winning authors and artists, children are invited into a world full of wonder and adventure. With FREE inkMotion App in hand, kids will dynamically experience our books in four different ways:


Kids can hear the stories narrated to them, and hear the voices of their favorite characters, in one of several widely spoken languages including English, Spanish, French and Arabic!


When POP™ appears in the top right corner of the InkMotion™ app viewer, augmented reality interactive content pops off the page and into the world around you.


When PEEK™ appears, augmented reality pages pull kids deeper into the page and let them watch the words they're reading visually come to life through animated vignettes.


When GO™ appears, pages take kids on a virtual reality journey into the books themselves, fully immersing them in the 3D environments they are reading about, and feeling like they are in the action!

The 4 books in the Blackbear The Pirate Series are:

A True Blackbear Adventure

Come along and join Blackbear the Pirate as he sails about upon the high seas in search of fun and excitement in his ship, the Annie. You will meet his all-bear pirate crew including Calico, Izzy Paws, Le-Kidd, Barty and Bonnie. In this first swashbuckling tale, Blackbear sets sail in search of the cave of the great pirate king, Bearfoot, who lives on the remote island of Bearataria. It's non-stop pirate adventure for the buccaneer in all of us!


The Search For Captain Ben

Blackbear the Pirate sets sail, once again, this time going in search of his old friend, Captain Ben, who has gone missing. Come with Blackbear and his crew on a daring and heroic adventure., where they meet friends, old and new, as they take their great pirate ship, the Annie, to the snow-covered island of Bearavaria. Batten down the hatches and prepare to set sail with Blackbear the Pirate, and welcome aboard, matey!

Calico's Ghost

Another delightful tale in this award-winning series, takes Blackbear the Pirate and his crew on a spooktacular adventure where they meet a very old friend and the young shipmate LeKidd learns a valuable lesson in friendship. There is much to discover as you weigh anchor and set sail with Captain Blackbear and his lively shipmates in this colorful and beautifully-drawn series.

The Treasure Hunt

The gang's all here as Blackbear the Pirate and his ship mates, Calico, Izzy Paws, LeKidd, Bonnie and Barty, cast off for their fourth seafaring adventure. In search of buried treasure, Blackbear follows a mysterious treasure map to sail the Annie to Lost Key Reef in the Caribbearean Sea. Treasure isn't always what you think, as the crew discovers that some things are more valuable than gold and gems.

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