VR and AR in Education

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education is expanding every day and the possibilities for new applications emerge from a number of different companies, developers and content creators.

ARVRedtech.com is focused on the latest news, information, content, products and hardware in this space. We believe you will find the content we deliver helpful and useful as this technology continues to evolve in education.

As the AR and VR apps for education continue to grow, we are reviewing the latest news, developments, partnerships, products and information. With so many new applications and integrations it can be challenging to stay on top of all of the information. Our focus is specifically on how it will impact and integrate into education now and in the future.

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We cover a wide variety of topics and are looking to create and publish content that provides strong, valuable information for educators and teachers that are looking to implement AR and VR in their classroom.

We are currently reviewing the latest technology including newly released AR and VR offerings. Check back for information VR Googles, VR Apps for Education, AR Apps for Education and emerging companies in the education space.

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