Spectra VR Goggles For Education

September 16, 2017

Spectra VR Goggles For Education

Virtual Reality goggles are going to revolutionize education: they give teachers the opportunity to take lessons of the page and create a fully immersive and interactive world that will take what your students learn to the next level. They really will change the way you educate your students, offering almost limitless ways for creative teachers to improve the standard of their lessons.

How they work

HamiltonBuhl Spectra VR Goggles, connect to smartphones (either I phone or Android), meaning that they are incredibly easy to incorporate into a classroom environment. All you do is put the smartphone into the headset and then put the goggles on: even the most technically nervous teacher will have no problem doing it. Once the goggles are on you are transported into a three dimensional, interactive world, of almost limitless potential. That world will be defined by various apps that you can download to your smartphone: some are free and some you have to pay for.

VR Goggles in the classroom

1. Present complex information in a more effective way
There are some ideas that are easy to present in a classroom: the students already have some kind of knowledge about them or something similar, meaning that they find them easy to conceptualize. Whereas some other topics are totally alien to their experience so far and may even seem counter intuitive, to the way that they understand the world. It is with these ideas that virtual reality really comes into its own, because it allows your students to enter a world where they can actually visualize these abstract ideas and concepts. This is particularly useful when studying things that are massive, such as planets or stars, and when studying things that are minute, such as cells, atoms or things which are even smaller. Virtual Reality will allow them to see these things, play with these things, rotate them 360 degrees and really get to grips with their size, shape and structure.

2. They encourage active learning
VR Goggles and Virtual Reality are amazing because they encourage active learning, which as every teacher knows is far more beneficial than passive. Your students will be required to actively explore each virtual world that they enter: no more sitting in lessons daydreaming and only absorbing small amounts. Virtual Reality will force them to actively seek out knowledge: or they will get none.

3. Virtual Reality allows you to account for multiple learning styles
Virtual Reality is also an amazing way to incorporate different learning techniques into your lessons: allowing you to deliver information kinesthetically, visually and aurally to your students. All of this can be done in the comfort and safety of the classroom, without going through the potential chaos of having your students moving around or all listening to something at once.

4. Virtual Reality is immersive

Virtual Reality will take your students into an immersive world, which stimulates all their senses. This means that there is less risk that they get distracted by their peers or other features of the modern classroom environment. Virtual Reality Goggles will also immediately engage your students, ensuring that they hold their attention in the modern era of limited attention spans.

5. They are fun, different and new
Children of all ages love new forms of technology and are generally really excited to try new things that are outside their normal classroom experience. Virtual Reality Goggles are exactly this and will motivate your students to seek out knowledge for themselves. Furthermore, they make them feel like they are playing a futuristic video game and every teacher knows one of the best ways to motivate students is to trick them into thinking that they are not actually learning.

6. Virtual Reality is the future
Virtual Reality is going to dramatically increase over the course of our lives and it is already being introduced into multiple different workplaces. As educators we have to prepare our students to function in this brave new world of technology, which means that they have to learn to interact with it from an early age; or they risk being left behind.

7. It opens up the world and has almost limitless potential

Virtual Reality opens up the world to teachers: allowing them to take their students on interactive field trips from the comfort of the classroom; see spectacular sights that some students may never experience; inspire them to learn by showing them the beauty of the world; and allows them to see and experience things that previous generations could only imagine.


The potential of Spectra VR Virtual Reality Googles for Education in the classroom is limitless and incredible new worlds are being created all the time. HamiltonBuhl Spectra VR Goggles are the perfect way for progressive schools to get ahead of this new curve and deliver exceptional education to their students. Thank you for visiting VRedtech.com. We could not continue without your help. If you liked this article, please share on your favorite social media platform and bookmark us for unique, valuable and relevant content focused on virtual reality in education.

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